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Gio-ABC and further ABC-Freeware
Gio-Key-Board Gio-Key-Board Gio-Key-Board
Learn reading & writing with the Initial-Sound-Keyboard (Kids-Keyboard)
and the speaking Word-Processor for primary learners & pupils

(Keyboard & Word-Processing for children to improve primary reading and writing skills)

GioKeyBoard is a freely definable, multimedia Initial-Sound-Keyboard (keyboard for children) with inserted "WriteProgram" (Word-Processor with speaking dictionary) and cloze-text functions.
Keyboard-layout (1-450 keys), key-allocations (with letters, special characters, text modules, shortcuts, ...), initial-sound-pictures, key-size, acoustic-outputs, sounds, fonts, colors, ... are freely definable. The key-graphics can be shown and hided like the text-editor. Also HTML-files (with links, images, image-maps, tables, ...) can be used as keyboard-layouts.
The speaking
Initial-Sound-Keyboard with initial-sound-table-character alternatively could be used with external word-­processing programs (e.g. OpenOffice.org, Word, WordPad, ...) or with the "speaking text processing" with spelling functions. Letters and initial-sound-examples (e.g. "A" - "Apple") are linguistically sounded. Letters, words and texts in the text-editor can be read out loud, spelled and/or recorded with the audio-recorder.
Gio-Key-Board is language-independent and can be used
multilingual. The child-write-program for pupils can support the first (primary) reading and writing skills (literacy), teaching, and promotes free writing.
(The "kids-keyboard" could also be used from "adults" e.g. as "task bar" for macros, special characters, ...)

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Gio-Key-Board Multimedia
is a fully functional freeware-program for all primary readers and writers !

Keyboard-example 1 with shown Text-Editor
Gio-Key-Board - Initial-Sound-KeyBoard + Word-Processing


Keyboard - example 2


Keyboard-example 3




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Version: 08/2014 - Freeware!)


 ( The distribution of this freeware must be free! )


      Download self-extracting WinRar archive Gio
    -Key-Board.exe and extract/unpack it.
    2.  Execute Gio
       3.  GioKeyBoard-OptionsMenue
    4.  Install
    spell-checker (ISpell-dictionaries).
    5.  GioKeyBoard is saving all pupil-textfiles in subdirectory
    ...\gio-key-board\_gio-text_\ .
    6.   GioKeyBoard is loading cloze-texts from subdirectory
    ...\gio-key-board\_gap-text_\ .
    7.   For
    deinstallation you only must delete the GioKeyBoard-files.
    Password = GioGio  -  for option-menus, KeyBoard-Editor [Alt+F12], ...   (password is changeable)
    ( GioKeyBoard is a portable application {Stickware} and is also running on a USB-Stick or other momory-cards. )

    If the text-editor should always be shown after program-start,
    Gio_Key_Board.exe must be renamed to Gio_Key_Board[E].exe!
    All speech- and audio-outputs are changeable! Simply with the microphone record new sound and e.g. replace "a.wav". Please use no letter-names (Bi, Ci, Di... Zet), because children will read BijUeS instead of BUS!
    If children are working with the program, then hide or lock the Frame-Buttons.

    Speech-synthesis - Text-To-Speech (TTS)
    Gio-Key-Board could read any texts by TTS. But if your computer has no voices, you can install the
    Microsoft-Reader with the Text-To-Speech-Package (TTS-Component). - If you need additional voices, visit Balabolka-Site - e.g. RealSpeak-voices have a good quality. Further interesting sites:  Synthetic speech,  Mary

    For spell-checking Gio-Key-Board uses ISpell-freeware-dictionaries [Download-Site]. Additionally, GioKeyBoard can use spell check dictionaries installed with MS-Office 95 or 97. For higher versions of MS-Office, only some languages will work :-(

      Pentium PC  /  32 MB RAM  /  5 MB HardDiscSpace  /  Soundcard
    Screen: min. 800x600 pixel on min. 256 colors  /  Windows 9x / ME / MP / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / ...
      Adapt keyboard-(font-)size, if screen-resolution is not 1024x768 pixel.
    (All programs downloaded from the InterNet should be always scanned about computer virus!) 


Gio-Key-Board was created with Borland Delph 7.0 Personal.(vgl. Lazarus Entwicklungsumgebung) Graphics/initial-sound-images could be created/changed with e.g. Gimp.org (or GimpShop.com) or Paint-Shop-Pro-4.12.zip / 4.12.zip / 3.11.zip and sounds/microphone-recordings could be changed with e.g. Audacity.de or GoldWave.de.

I would be very pleased about feedbacks & suggestions for improvement !
I will take your desires and suggestions and I will send you the desired program-modifications.



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©  Johannes Grabler / D-86444 Aulzhausen (Bavaria)
I take no responsibility for damage caused by my software
and the recommended software-programs on my websites.
July 2014